Good Bye…It’s not always easy.

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I’m sorry I have not delivered the posts I have said I will do. As you all know my Dad has left Microsoft and that means we have to leave Seattle and the Washington area I’m not to happy about this but our new house sounds nice (it’s a beach front home in Half Moon Bay), but I’m still going to miss Seattle I think it is one of my favorite places to be. It’s been good to me over the past 3.5 years and I really wish I didn’t have to leave. I’m sorry that the posts have been late, but over the next week or so they should start coming back out.

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I thought this was kind of funny.

I found this on flickr here’s the link.


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WordPress is not going my way today I had just written an XBox 360 review that took me an hour and when I saved it was gone I published it and the title was there but that’s it I will write it again but for now my question is…has this happened to you? If so do you know why? Thanks and sorry about that it will be out tonight or tomorrow

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iPods can blow?

Posted July 19, 2006 by miniscoble
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Ok let’s getting the swing of things, with a little Apple criticism. As you probably know Apple is my favorite company but every once in a blue moon they screw up. This time it with the iPod. I think that Apple over the years has been far too stingy with the features of their iPod products. One example is the fact that many music players have built their products with fm/am tuners that are much cheaper then iPod (however those players have some quality issues) this feature can’t be to hard to put in to players. Plus people must request them a lot if Apple made that radio tuner remote. It’s little things like this that bother me about Apple it always the minimum with them never the best possible product they can relese. Oh well I’ve done my ranting for today. Now onto the future of the iPod. There are only a few things I really really want from an iPod these are the following 1. Scratch-proof screen 2. better battery life and 3. Wi-Fi. Those are my ideas now I want to hear yours. Tell me first what iPod or player you have and what are a few ideas that you want to have in your player. Sorry if this was a little boring but I just wanted to know.

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I’m just warming up!


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As some of you might remember a long time ago I had a blog. I was 7 at the time. Slowly that blog was forgotten or more I had forgotten it but hey I was 7. 4 years later at the age of 11 I started another one. This one worked for a while until something happened, Anthony happened. He started a blog and being the trend setter he is everyone else in the class made one. This was considered by me a bad omen and it was. Soon they started fighting on his blog that’s when the school’s principle started reading the blogs to make sure we where not causing trouble. That was it for me, I promptly left that blog behind. Now 5 months later here we are. I hope you enjoy this blog more then the other ones I have done in my past. I will not Forget or abandon this blog promise. Here is my Dad’s blog and you can find Anthony’s blog among others of those in my class in my blogroll. So without further a-do (again)