iPods can blow?

Ok let’s getting the swing of things, with a little Apple criticism. As you probably know Apple is my favorite company but every once in a blue moon they screw up. This time it with the iPod. I think that Apple over the years has been far too stingy with the features of their iPod products. One example is the fact that many music players have built their products with fm/am tuners that are much cheaper then iPod (however those players have some quality issues) this feature can’t be to hard to put in to players. Plus people must request them a lot if Apple made that radio tuner remote. It’s little things like this that bother me about Apple it always the minimum with them never the best possible product they can relese. Oh well I’ve done my ranting for today. Now onto the future of the iPod. There are only a few things I really really want from an iPod these are the following 1. Scratch-proof screen 2. better battery life and 3. Wi-Fi. Those are my ideas now I want to hear yours. Tell me first what iPod or player you have and what are a few ideas that you want to have in your player. Sorry if this was a little boring but I just wanted to know.

Remember you can always send me ideas or corrections for this blog at patrickscoble@hotmail.com.

I’m just warming up!

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8 Comments on “iPods can blow?”

  1. I have a Creative Zen Jukebox, 30 GB. The hard drive died so I have put in a 60GB HDD. I have to flash the firmware so the player will recognise it, so we will see how that goes. What I would like out of my player? Hmm, thats a difficult one, What I would like is to have it sleeker, the Zens are cheap and big. Better headphones, I bought myself some Sony ones, but for a sound company, Creatives are sorely lacking.

    Second, better integration with the player software and the device. I have always maintained the belief that in addition the sexiness of the player and the interface, another reason why Ipods are so popular is its transparent integration with Itunes. When you play on Itunes and sync with the Ipod, and then take your Ipod with you, and listen…the Ipod starts off where you finished listening on Itunes.

    Smart Playlists are another. I could go on..but then I would be considered rambling. Why can;t Creative Labs can learn from some of these nuances.

    I agree. Wifi is great. It *should* be included in this day and age.

    And Patrick, its not a boring post. I think that its a good topic to explore. I have been waiting for the Mini Scobleizer to return. 🙂

  2. umm i think they shud make an i pod that as u aid has a lot of battary life like 20 hours or somtin like that and if u like drop it it doesn’t get a scratch

  3. this wasn’t so borin for a techie pat

  4. miniscoble Says:

    yah I tried to go easy my Dad hasent bloged abot me yet
    but I think that my other blog will be like yours miniscobleslife.wordpress.com that way I can you know do my thing but stay here for a while

  5. lil T Says:

    I myself was thinking about telling Apple Ipod co. about my ideas which are an Ipod cellphones, Ipod with camera,Ipod internet,half Ipod and half mp3 player,and screensavers from the worlds favorite downloads to artist, musicans,tv shows,movies,and many more.

    Thanks for listening to my ideas

  6. roanne vista Says:

    I guess that’s how iPod monetizing the brand by delivering stuff that ain’t complete or all-in-one-you-can-do-everything-in-it enough to let the people buy their products, one-by-one, depending on the furthest upgrades availble…

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