WordPress is not going my way today I had just written an XBox 360 review that took me an hour and when I saved it was gone I published it and the title was there but that’s it I will write it again but for now my question is…has this happened to you? If so do you know why? Thanks and sorry about that it will be out tonight or tomorrow

Mini Scobleizer

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6 Comments on “Sorry”

  1. Robert Scoble Says:

    Yeah, this happens once in a while. You have to click the “save” button.

  2. no this didnt happen to me just press publish wen ur done

  3. pat what r up w/ ur flicker pics those are crazy

  4. miniscoble Says:

    Lol I didn’t take those pictures thats just linking to those flickr

  5. o ok i thonught u took those lol

  6. brijwhiz Says:

    I have lost a lot of good copy this way. The worst thing is we never end up writing that post again as we might have expended a lot of effort on it the first time. The resolution – 1) save often 2) write in another application and then move it to the blog. I have started using the writeboard at http://www.writeboard for the same.

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