Good Bye…It’s not always easy.

I’m sorry I have not delivered the posts I have said I will do. As you all know my Dad has left Microsoft and that means we have to leave Seattle and the Washington area I’m not to happy about this but our new house sounds nice (it’s a beach front home in Half Moon Bay), but I’m still going to miss Seattle I think it is one of my favorite places to be. It’s been good to me over the past 3.5 years and I really wish I didn’t have to leave. I’m sorry that the posts have been late, but over the next week or so they should start coming back out.

Thank you


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27 Comments on “Good Bye…It’s not always easy.”

  1. ouch yeah the area up there is really awesome is he workin for microsoft now?

  2. o srry i mean apple

  3. Mike Says:

    Will you or your dad be going to WWDC?

  4. No, but he had two tickets to the keynote with Jods and everything but he GAVE them away to go to Montana with me. AAARRRRRRG

  5. linda Says:

    miniscoble, you will LOVE Half Moon Bay. I guarantee it.

  6. Erwin Blonk Says:

    Pretty cool he’s going to work in the podcast industry, he’s good at drawing attention to things in a good way. I’ve been listening podcasts and following what’s happening around it for a while now and it’s really about to go big.

    About moving, we hope to move to Canada with our kids in a few years (just for a change of scenery after living in The Netherlands our whole lives). My kids will be about 7 to 9 years old, so I do think about if it’ll be hard for them.

  7. Matt Propst Says:

    While reading your dad’s blog i just remember you had one also. Now version 2.0 i see. Your first post from the 18th reminded me of high school. Many of my friends had started blogging on and it was fine for a while, then I got to college and I think I needed to make a step up in maturity and what I saw as a bit of professionalism as well and start a wordpress blog. Congrats to you for seeing the issue that the peer-blogging-epidemic can cause while still in school and steering clear of the drama.

    On a side note, i’m taking a trip out to Seattle the weekend of the Aug. 17th, you may be interested in my posts from that weekend.

    Good luck in California!


  8. I grew up in South Dakota and now live in Iowa. In 1998/99 we spent a year living in Half Moon Bay and working at Stanford. We thought it was the best commute in the Bay Area. I love the town and would happily move there again. We lived with my sister-and brother-in-law in a beachfront home they had just built. (Is it beachfront when it backs up to the horse trail and bike path and then the beach, but you can see the water from your window? Close enough when you live in Iowa.)

    Hope you enjoy the move. Change is difficult, but often turns out better than expected. I try to stay open to new experiences, ideas, etc. Looking forward to hearing more about your adjustment. We’re hoping to visit yet this year. It’s been about 3 years since we visited. I have a longing for some sushi…

  9. wen r u ritin a new post pat

  10. misslionheart Says:

    I’ve read ypur dads blogs many times…its great. Then I just came across your by accident! I’m on Shirleys blogroll….so is Daniel! Good blog, enjoy your new home, it sounds ‘cool’ 😎

  11. vinodi Says:

    Boo Hoo Hoo, what about you posts buddy. Have you go crushed in Utah under your dad’s big bums.

  12. Shirley Says:

    Hello, this is the first time I have read you blog, and have quite enjoyed it. Moving is difficult, but you are young and intelligent, and I believe are quite up to the adjustment. Half Moon Bay is a spectacular place.


    shirley Buxton

  13. leachim6 Says:

    Inst it a bit ironic that your dad work(ed)[s] at microsoft and You are a complete apple fanatic….am I the only one who thinks thats a little wacky ?
    well…I don’t care apple PWNZ ms 🙂

  14. rite a new post pat it has benn almost a month

  15. anthonymontoya Says:

    write a new post fatty!

  16. anthonymontoya Says:


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  20. adrienn Says:

    too bad you don’t have recent posts anymore, i’m working on my thesis and i was going to mention you … but you’re not a blogger anymore, are you? … bad news for me, but i guess you’ve just grown up in the mean time! Good luck to you anyways! greets from Transylvania

  21. sandrar Says:

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